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In order to provide the fastest support possible we have various guidelines to direct the conversation to include key elements needed to attempt to recreate a bug.
  • Keep the report on topic, and direct to the point.
  • If you have multiple suggestions, please use a different thread for each.
  • Make sure you have read through the planned features on the wiki before posting a suggestion.
  • If someone else has posted a thread with the same suggestion as you, or a similar one that you wish to expand upon, please post in the existing thread.
  • Make sure you use the report format outlined below
Report Format:
What feature are you suggesting?
Why should this feature be added into the core software, and not as a third-party add on?
Suggested use-case for feature:
Server type(s) that would take advantage of the feature the most:
Failure to follow the prior guidelines will result in your thread being locked, or possible warnings if action is repeated.
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