Giving server owners the features they want, with the control they deserve.

to the official site for the Bukkit plugin The New Economy, also known as "TNE." TNE is a modular economy plugin built for the Bukkit API. Due to the modular nature of TNE you may simply remove modules, by means of the file system, or even via command, to remove features that you no longer wish to use. TNE may be used by itself, with Vault, or using the new Reserve API.
provides server owners the ability to configure their server from being a very basic mono-currency system, to a real-world inspired multi-tier, multi-currency system such as the one found here on Earth. Some ask why not just provide the essentials? For one major reason, we believe in giving server owners the features they may need, while allowing them to disable the ones they have no use for.
requests are welcome, and are able to be given via the github, or the TNE Discord. When providing a feature request you should keep in mind that not all requests are added as TNE is easy to extend by third-party developers who wish to provide additional specific features for various servers.